The Theme of London Stories is so broad and interesting it will be difficult to choose a story which really shows the history of London but also link it back to current issues.

My first thought was inspired by a piece of art work I saw on Design Inspiration ( as shown below). It illustrated a series of pictograms which clearly showed the leisure and activities you could do in London. As soon as you see the image you can easily learn that it is London because of the iconic images of the underground and tube logos. The colours are also very complimentary to each other and all colours are not harsh but soft and minimal.

This inspired me to want to create my own forms of pictograms which illustrated London stories so I started thinking about iconic London stories like Jack the Ripper and the great fire of London. However After I had my first Crit I realised that I should aim to focus on a specific part of London stories instead of doing everything that has happened in the past and everything thats happening in the present. I also thought it would be harder to illustrate these stories with basic shapes and colours as my illustrator skills are not as great as I would like them to be. Although I wanted to challenge my self I felt as if I would lose the essence of the project and the requirements for the competition.

Design Inspiration 'London'

Design Inspiration ‘London’


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