Photograph taken by Sam Roberts

Close up- Typography

Close up- Typography

Ghost Sign Over lay

Ghost signs- What we know as Ghost signs now used to in fact be old advertisements hand drawn and hand painted to persuade its target audience to eventually be attracted enough to buy the product. These advertisements were predominately typographic based and had no pictures or minimal pictures. In modern day it is faded, washed out  or going to be replaced by companies who bought the buildings. However, they still exist and have a nice historical element to London, it is also relevant to us in the present day because these old forms of advertising still exists.  I came across this reading creative review, where I found Sam Roberts is exhibiting all the London ghost signs. Roberts says”The diversity of lettering forms and illustration highlight the skill and flair that each signwriter once brought to their work, in contrast to the ‘carbon copy’ posters of today.”- http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2013/october/ghostsigns-st-bride-talk

For this project I want to be able to highlight this story of London Ghost signs and it may be that people have seen this plenty of times and have never paid attention to it. It is quiet nice that the story suggest that something substantial used to live here that doesn’t live here any more. I also like the way it shows how much advertising has changed and it strongly links to my area of study.
When researching this subject I also came across a project called ‘ Talking walls’  illustrated the ‘forgotten advertising’- A part of a poem was drawn on to the walls in Deptford, the project intended “to commemorate and preserve the dying industry of hand rendered sign writing, presently drowning amongst corporate messaging”. – http://www.ghostsigns.co.uk/2011/11/talking-walls-2.html


-Create my own typeface in response to the typefaces I have seen on the Ghost signs
-Show a story throughout the poster
-Highlight the Ghost signs as being the main focus point
-Must show reference to a any form of transport within the poster ie. taxi bus ect

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