My Initial Ideas For this Reatil store Was to sell Tea. That was one of the first things I thought Would be effective as the Tea Industry is becoming more and more popular with 3.5 Million tons of tea being produced every year. In the UK there is a trend currently blooming for herbal and fruit teas then ever before. In a recent article by the Daily mail it was reported that “‘Speciality bags’ of exotic teas were up by 8per cent to £52 million and those for ‘Decaffeinated bags’ rose by 16per cent to £36 million
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2117972/How-Britain-went-potty-green-tea-Sales-trendy-varieties-soar.html#ixzz2lgyX16Ox

It was also reported by Mintel that The demand for Green tea has also increased in the UK by a massive 83%. The consumers are requiring a more healthier option of drinking tea and it is seen as being responsible for your health and trying something different and has become more of a statement then anything else. It is also because tea is seen to be much healthier then coffee as teas like green and camomile tea help to relax and helps sleeping patterns. You could almost say that the type of tea you have or how you have it in some ways reflects your personality. – Which leads me to my Initial Ideas.

After Visiting Display plan- I concluded that it is all about the EXPERIENCE and also about building a relationship with the consumers. more and more consumers want an experience from the brand- something they can share with friends and feel a sense of enjoyment from it. It becomes personal and interactive. My thoughts on my retail store that would be exclusive, chic, trendy, Experiential, and memorable would be to create an personal taste.
Because there is so many different type of teas now- and recent trends of drinking herbal and fruit teas have popularly increased I want to create a retail and brand store that gives the customer a personal experience.
This would involve:
– Personality Tea : As the customer enters the store a sales representative will guide him or her to the main entrance where they will have a conversation about the type of person and tea you are and like.
The representative will then make the tea according to TASTE.
selection Tea- Choosing the tea your self which you can personally relate to in your characteristics.

The types of Tea I will Focus on- Paying attention also to colours and imagery

Gold Blend Tea- The Traditionalist
Green Tea- The Trendy One
Red Berry- The Wild one
Earl Grey- The Delicate one
Black Tea- The Adventurist/ Brave
Chai- The sweet & spicy taste
Ice Tea- The cool cat

All types of tea has a different reference of colour. No tea is the same. Exploring colour and shape trails is my next step. This will hopefully give me a name and logo for my store. Linking personality to colour and shape. Association with pattern and that familiarity of colour to your personal taste and personality.



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