Geometric two by Kapitza

These series of geometric shapes have really inspired me to look at different shapes and colours I could relate to my own work of the different coloured teas. I can therefore develop this to tea personalities through the colours and patterns a customer may choose.
The work by Kaptiza shows varies of different shapes and colours with some in full colour and some in monochrome. Each shape and colour creates a characteristic trait and together make visual appealing and dynamic patterns. Each page has something new and exciting I believe the different shapes and colours have different meanings and moods created along side them.

Twinnings Tea Packaging- High street Brand

Twinnings special edition tea which illustrated vibrant fashion illustration type drawings on their packaging got me to thinking to create illustrations for mine. However the one problem was the appel to men. I want my product to be appealing to men as well as women. However, I like the approach in their designs and again they have adapted the idea of using strong representation of colour through the types of tea.

Rekordelig Branding

I came across the branding for Rekordelig and even though it is an alcoholic drink it still adapts this idea of representing flavours with strong and sleek colours. The website also has an easy navigation flow between the different types of flavours as shown in the examples above.

East India Company – Tea Packaging High end brand

Moving Brands- C to the power of X


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