It is important my retail store aims to the right target audience as the brief required me to create a shop that was a one off and bespoke. That would mean that the price value of the product may be a little higher.

My target audience is :

“Many researchers have studied the effects of image congruence (IC) on customers’ behavior responses to brands (Onkvisit & Shaw, 1989; Sirgy & Samli, 1985). These researchers all agree that customers prefer products with images congruent with their own self-image. In other words, customers favor a specific brand if they have applied a certain set of personality attributes to it and if those attributes match those in their own self-image. If a brand image is perceived as similar to the customer’s self-image in terms of personality attributes, then customers tend to behave favorably toward the brand when making purchasing and repurchasing decisions (Sirgy, 1985).” – http://jht.sagepub.com/content/29/4/448.full.pdf+html


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