Tea Shapes 

I came to make these shapes by looking at shapes already existing in design and what works well, I also got inspiration from observational photography and free hand drawing on illustrator.

Tea personality Patterns


Gold Blend Tea- The Traditionalist
I chose a gold/yellow colour for this tea personality shape because Gold glen tea already has this colour existing.  I chose a circle shape because circles are a traditional shape in most forms of design and as the gold blend tea is supposed to replicate a ‘Traditionalist’ personality I decided a circle would be the best option for the TP.

Early Grey Tea- The Delicate One
My inspiration for this shape and colours came from a photograph I took when I was doing observational photography on shapes and colours in and around Luton. The colours came from looking at early grey tea bags and the colours imbedded in some of the other types of branding for earl grey. I chose these two colours because the tea blend has elements of both colours infused together and another reason is because smaller circle shape are in a sense more delicate.

Green Tea- The Trendy One
The Trendy TP design was created after conducting research about the increase of herbal tea drinkers and especially green tea has increased 83% in interest in the UK. So I started thinking about shapes that were trendy and the first shape that came to mind was a triangle. I was also inspired by this image I found on a interior design website:

Peppermint Tea – The calm one
The colour for peppermint tea came from looking on the internet for colours of peppermint that wasn’t green as I would already use green in the TP for green tea.  I came across a mint colour slightly blue in colour instead of green and decided to go with that. I created the shape using brush tool and drew on it free hand on illustrator as a trial and realised the shape create -leaf- like shapes within it and decided to go with that.

Bubble Tea– The playful one
Bubble tea is a unique tea drink blended with milk and ice and within it is pieces of tapicoa balls for an extra taste. It comes in different flavours so different colours of little circles is what I thought of immediately when I decided to do a tea pattern for bubble tea. I was also inspired by this photograph I took created from shadow.


Black Tea- The Brave one
For this tea shape and pattern I researched some shapes that were bold and sharp in corners and the most obvious would be to make a square due to its bold and sharp edges to reflect the word brave in relation to the personality. I was inspired by a pattern I found on the internet ( as shown below) and chose black to represent the black tea and added white lines to add a unique effect.

Chai Tea- The Swicy One
After creating my mood board for chai tea as it originated from India I wanted to create a shape which showed some elements of the fabrics and patterns of indian fabrics. I also show the colours on the same basis. Doing research helped me find out that Chai tea is a mix of sweet and spicy because of the method its made as well as the actual taste so I wanted to create two elements of shapes infused together in different tones of orange. I also got this idea by makes a pattern for another tea pattern but decided it would be more suitable for Chai tea instead. Swicy is a mix of sweet and spicy.

Oolong Tea- The Unique one
Oolong tea is an oriental tea and after I produced my mood board I looked at shapes and symbols that was often used in china and colours and produced my shapes in inspiration from that. Unique was chosen as a personality trait because oolong tea is not a common tea drink for tea drinkers and people who drink it usually have it black so it was quiet different and unique.

Camomile tea – The calm one
Camomile tea is proved to help calm you down and often drunk before someone goes to sleep to help them relax. Yellow was used to connote this mellow and relaxing mood. I got this idea for this pattern by looking at calm and relaxing image and came across a ripple of water and realised it create a slightly oval shape and decided to use this is my pattern for this tea personality.
Ripples in Water

Ice Tea- The cool one
Ice tea was a tea which was rising in population and I wanted to target audience to men. As it is a cool drink I named the TP as the cool one. I started to look for dynamic shapes which represented a slight ‘coolness’ and the first thing that came into mind was a three dimentional shape and came across this shape and got ideas from this to create my shape and tea personality pattern.

Ginger and Lemon Tea- The Harmonious one


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