High end tea packaging tend to symbolise tea in much more of a story telling way then high street brands which tend to design packaging often using physical representation of tea like a tea pot or tea leaves.

High end tea companies also present their tea in tea sashes which completes the branding overall for its purpose, this also makes the brand look more prestigious and clean.

Tea adverts I would say is mostly dominated by high street brands. High end brands tend to do their advertising avoiding media platforms like Poster advertisements, TV advertisements, bus stop advertisements ect. It might be a cheeper and more effective way to use social media to their cliental. Most really good prestigious brands are already well known usually by word of mouth and recommendations. Location also has a strong connection to how well a brand could do.

For my branding and advertising I want to adopt some of the research and outcomes I can conclude from them. It is important I show in both adverts and packaging a sense of prestige and intrigue for the potential cliental. My packaging must still intrigue the consumer and not to reveal the tea flavour until purchased or discovered by using the TP book.
The advertising needs to be minimal with aspects of the tea personality shapes and patterns shown in it.


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