Reflective summary


In the professional practice unit I have been able to understand in greater detail what it means to present and promote my work in a professional and time managing manner. This year I really understood the importance of managing my time well as well as keeping to a deadline set out by the competition briefs as well as my personal deadline.
The AOI competition brief in the start of the year enabled me to really think about an intended target audience as it was for The London transport museum. In the theme of London stories, I had to undergo appropriate research, which reflected and highlighted London to be a vibrant and colourful place along with meaning and historical background. In this project I advanced my illustrator skills, I was determined to achieve a certain look and feel for the poster, which illustrated Ghost signs still existing today in London. My illustrator skills were poor to begin with and I chose this project particularly to push those skills and better my self so I can be prepared for a job in my field that will require me to have good illustrator skills.
Here I learnt that by conducting my own research into using illustrator and through trial and error, I was able to create an illustrated outcome in the theme required. ­By using Word press I was also able to reach out to real industry professionals. Sam Roberts, a photographer who recently had an exhibition on London Ghost signs, got in touch with me about my work and was interested to see more. This made the whole process more exciting because someone in industry was viewing my work and I received positive feedback.

For Reatil & Brand I was able to develop my skills in branding and advertising as I got to see a space I would be actually designing for. This made me think professionally about space, lighting, deco, design, features, outcome and consumer interactions. I very much enjoyed this project because I was able to become more knowledgeable about design and think of more innovative ideas.
In past years I have felt I don’t push my ideas enough and with this project I feel like I have overcome that by trying new ways of getting my product across to the audience. In this project I made a book which was a user type manual which enable my consumers to flick though it, select a pattern they felt most suited them and they liked the most which then eventually revealed what tea they would for the day. In creating the book I understand more about quality of print, paper, generating images on illustrator and also learning how to use guidelines provided to me by blurb that was making my design. The outcome for the TP Book was exciting, fresh, and innovative and overall looked professional which was my main intention.

I believe strongly both projects have a direct and precise link to my career aspirations especially the retail & brand project. I have learnt how important it is to know your target audience and also how important prototyping your design is to further demonstrate your vision. I have gained new skills and have developed ones I already have and feel as I have grown as a designer. In the start of the year I wasn’t as confident presenting to a number of people but in my final year I can be able to break down my ideas in a clear and coherent way that enables me to be more comfortable with my work and therefore have better presentation skills. I have also learnt how fundamental it is to be able to present your work and do more presentations because in a real cliental environment I will constantly need to pitch my ideas and be able to portray my vision.

Next year I aim to keep up the same aspirations and desire to advance my knowledge in design and I am very anxious to start creating a branding project just like retail & brand which can be viewed or used by someone. I will aim to be recognised for my diversity in interests from photography and video to branding and advertising. I am also looking forward to be involved in a design team that enables me to show off my ideas as well as adapting to someone else’s. ­


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