My Intentions for this project is to explore all the small things relating to our social class in the UK. What I mean by the small things are the factors that contribute to individual class societies that is not purely based on income or the names that classify class. What I am trying to achieve is a greater understanding of class through things we own, where we live, what we ear, where we eat and many other factors.
I will research into the expanding class system that exist in the UK today and thought reading and watching I will find locations to visit for my photography outcome.

Outcomes: My outcomes are the following for this project

-Creating a final piece : A0, series of imagery reflecting Working, Middle and upper class. Photographs will show people observations relating to locations and class from what they eat, wear, brands and language within these areas. The final piece will be categorised in accordance with class and shown at the bottom of the image as a key and coded with colour. I wanted to do this because information organisation is and has been for a while; a very formative way of gathering all types of data and presenting it in a visually appealing way. The visual impact is of a series of images are in some ways more effective then one standing on its own. As my project is prodomintantly about capturing information and feeding it back to my audience I want my audience to engage fully in the image by going in closer to have a look- This way I have a full connection with my audience and my work.

– Photography book with images in full: This will be for the purpose of seeing the images in bold and in details separately away from the final piece. It will also give me a chance to explain my project to the audience.

-All the class things illustration project & Book: In this part of my project I want to highlight the key brands and tastes that all three classes live their lives by. This will also show some definition to their individual tastes. I chose to do an illustration project because I wanted to push my skills on illustrator and my drawing and tracing skills. This I hope will also be a fun side of my project where I can be creative with image making. I also wanted to do this because as I started conducting my research a lot of keys brands within the classes kept coming up and I wanted to highlight this. For this I will also create a book with coding and appropriate referencing .

-Website:  I want to create a website to also show my work further on a platform where the photography and illustrations can be seen. Together with a shop to address the professionalism of this project. for this I will be using squarespace as a website building platform. This website will be linked to my main portfolio website also and

In creating and completing this project I hope to bring into light the details in class that we often ignore do not notice or do not want to notice. I hope my audience can see the difference in class but most of all see in many ways there are some similarities. I also hope that my audience questions their own class and understand familiarise within their personal lives and the references I make to my findings.


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