Focusing on tastes on dress sense and possessions.
Scan 2

In the best possible taste explored elements of middle class taste and gave me some great insight into what really makes the middle class. Grayson perry described it as a class that has a constant ‘Tug of war’ between fitting into society, being humble with their wealthy and the other half who show of their wealth and feel a need to stand out and not conform.



The Middle class handbook I found online has exceptional relevance to my research for both elements of my project. This detailed exploration of middle case tastes, brands and identities have influenced a lot of my illustrations and also some part of my photography.
The handbook goes through elements of brands, shopping, driving, family and so much more deeper analysis. This is also a good example of the detailing this handbook goes into about the categories in MIDDLE class tastes and trends. It is very extensive and analytic.

Some interesting references to Middle class tastes  screen shots :

Targeting a type of class is also very important in advertising in branding as shown in this article by the telegraph where Waitrose feared ‘free’ coffee vouchers attracted the ‘wrong customer’
Waitrose is known to be a quiet middle class shopping supermarket with prices a little higher then the average tesco. This just shows how important it is to get the right direct marketing to its consumer even when it relates to class.


My own knowledge of Middle class locations like Chelsea and South Kensington helped me create a map of where I should go to take these photographs. I also gained influence from ‘In the best possible Taste’ documentary and other research of class locations I found online

Scan 127

My next step is to actually go to these different locations with the ones that are easier for me to access with the time I have left.


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