Contemporary research into information organisation and categorising. 
1. Creative review
 “Penguin has revealed the process behind the making of its paperback cover for new book Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik. It involved working with photographer Dan Tobin Smith and carefully arranging an awful lot of, well, stuff.”  – creative review

This book cover was created in a systematic way of organising ‘stuff’. this is also very interesting as the same colours are also within the sam area and there is a type of gradient effect. 

2. thingsorganisedneatly.com

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 15.42.10 Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 15.44.18Systematic organisation of objects according to interest genre of interest. This blog/ website illustrates how well objects and images can go together in a systematic way. This technique can slo be applied to my photography final outcome by me ordering and organising in accordance of class.

3. Information is beautiful- the book

These examples are really good examples of illustrated information organisation as a group of data collected to be shown in a visually appealing way.

4. Infographics In Advertising and Marketing


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