Colourful Take on britishness-
These series of photographs also show british culture and a class, inspired by Tony Ray Jones Martin parr developes his influences and produces a really good exploration of class. This refrence is really important to my own work because It shows how this photograher approached his ideas from his influences. He’s used inspiration of Tony Ray jone’s rendition of taking photographs of people on the beach and bought a modern twist to it also in colour. The focus on one pacific observation of people in the sea side is also really effective because as the audience we focus on the different stories these different images show us.

A Day off

These examples of work are extremely relevant to my project as it depicts all class related features in the 70’s. Tony Ray Jones’s work is exactly the type of image I want to capture myself in modern UK today. He’s black and white photography is captivating in its own right as it shows ordinary  people doing their ordinary things which make great elements of photography.


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