Growing up Gloucester– Series of photographs showing a teenage girl’s life in Gloucester. These photographs are personally shot as it is following one persons life and therefore is still documentary.

Grateful dead- In these photographs I particularly like the ones that are a little out of focus which show movement  as the subjects are dancing. This kind of style connotes a sense of action and not being aware of the camera and freely doing anything you want, there for the subject is the most comfortable.

Along the way –
These photographs show me some elements of class without even being about class. I can see the mood through these photographs that the photographer tried to capture through the tone and lighting of these photographs.


Lynsey Addario is a documentary styled photographer  who has a very journalistic approach to her work. These examples are from a series of photographs called ” Healthcare in Mississippi ” where she documented conditions in healthcare and patients.In colour these photographs use sharpe and dark tones throughout the series>This may be  o reflect and show the moods and feelings of the patient.

Clair Richardson – “Harlemville”

Clair Richardson is a contemporary photography artist who’s work show the interest she felt when she visited this small community of people in north east America. She found the relationships between families in this town very close and different and started to document them. “Richardson stepped into this community without being conscious of the connections this rarefied existence had with her own childhood or photographic practice, but both elements became her links with Harlemville and the basis for the friendships that she formed.”- 


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