The spells that control us-
The spells that control us by Gee Thomson explores an interesting issue of a luxury ‘spell’ that controls us. This section explores the rich life culture where “the right brands has become a check list of stock experiences, manhattan apartments, designer Italian furniture…” It touches on a point that I am also trying to express that all the things that we buy and have in our lives moulds and creates our personality. The image of what we are and what we look like to someone else is important even thought we don’t admit it.

I really find interesting the break down of the categories of luxury in the next pages.
These pages talk about how the expression of peoples wealth and how much people earned was not celebrated but in the 21st centuary people are more likely to express how wealthy they are. This is also contributed from modern age celebrities and reality television stars who we see more and more often today showing off their wealth.

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