As apart of my final major project I also have decided to do a side project which involves an illustration side. As I have been doing research into different class taste I came across unique aspects in class taste that I wanted to show in a form of catalogue to also keep in the theme of information organisation.

I first started with gathering information on different elements of class taste weather it was branded food they eat , what they wear , or household items with elements of other tastes.

I took inspiration from parts of Grayson Perrys documentary and noted down elements I could use to illustrate. It was here I found a lot of solid elements and also on a online journal called the middle class handbook.

My main goal was to make three books , illustrated with image relating to working middle and upper class taste. The books will be 30 pages with relevant information and referencing and also as a form of information organisation. However, after much thought and test printing I decided to put all elements of illustrations of class into one book consisting of 90 pages which shows working middle and upper class trends and brands.



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