Critical Analysis:
South Kensington

In Chelsea & South kensington I found some relevant information I found through going my illustration project for examples the contemporary light bulbs and shades sold in ‘Heals’. The small details that show the identity of this location is that there are finer details in home, even the way the door numbers are shown in the posts instead of the actual house doors. Town centre was busy with people shopping and coming and going to work. Some cars were vintage 80’s cars and people were dressed casually but with small name brands and big name brands.

Knightsbridge & Harrods

In Knightsbridge I was able to take photographs of name brand cars like betlys and mustangs. In harrods there was a fine desert section where tourist and locals were buying and indulging. The atmosphere in this area is slightly different. In a way it can be described but can be explained by these photographs.


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