This class is dominant in ‘members only’ and VIP clubs. The elite class makes 6% of the UK population and consist of the wealthiest being inherited into their cash and status with some people working into the Elite class by what jobs they have.

For this research my first parity was to identity key roles I already knew about the upper class and start researching online and other sources for the images I could illustrate and also use for my photography.

For my illustrations:


Fashion in Upper class (elite)
Hand gloves – In fashion inspired by the queen.




All sources were used for parts of my illustration project where I started to look further into Elite taste and trends.


Some aspects from my illustration is a great help also towards my photography and vice verser.
From the illustartions of the polo gear I wanted to take photographs of a game of polo, focusing on the people who attend and what the players wear as a factor of the small things in class.

I started to look online for polo clubs in London and came across one in Richmond called HAM polo club which also known to be a very elite area.

Horse racing/ Ascot/ Grand national
This is already a known traditional British sport but it is associated with in the past as being an upper class sport but nowadays there are many people who visit these races who would be quiet aspirational.

I also payed attention to wear people eat in elite area like locations of fine dining and Michelin star restaurants like Marco Pierre.


Channel 4 documentary ‘Inside Rolls Royce & Boodles”


This two part Documentary explored a finer taste in jewellery and cars. It was shot in parts of the Uk for the Rolls Royce and parts of Dubai also.  The first part of Inside Rolls Royce explained its origin and made references to the elegance and class status it bring when having this car. People in the film talked about how it made them feel and manufacturers showed how important it is to get the custom body work exactly the way it was designed. The stressed over the finer details and did not settle for any mistakes. This just goes to show the need for perfection within this car for their cliental.


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