research poster-01
For the research poster I decided to stick with the illustration look I was going for with my all the class things illustration project.  I had previously looked up examples of really info graphics I found from the book ‘information is beautiful’ as well as the online version. (Examples show below)

information was founded on the internet on:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22007058

the images were drawn from relevant information that connected to the class I found from my research. I decided these colours because for the upper class rich / deep colours sprung into mind. I chose yellow for the middle class because I had previously read in ‘The middle class handbook’ that the middle class colour constantly used in brands was yellow. I chose blue because of the reference of to type of jobs working class’s people have ( blue collar jobs). These colours are also a direct response to the coding and colour themes I am using for my illustration book.

Scan 113 Scan 114

Artists research 



My main inspirations for this research poster was from these examples in the Information is beautiful book:
SAM_6471 SAM_6460


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