Line Illustrations – Illustartorsweb.com 



These Illustrations by ‘ Boo & friends’ are very playful and connotes fun. Minimal use of colours in these examples with simple black and white lines are visually effective.

Joel C Boyer

These illustrations are a little more technical then the previous example. This artist uses darker and lighter lines within these drawings and more technically in the skull image where shading has been used.
I think the two at the end are effective because of the illusion of it almost being 3D with the deeper and lighter shades of lines.

Helen Bullock


These illustrations are minimal in colour and line. The strokes of colour and brush like strokes are the boldest part of these images. 

Sebastain Iwohn

These illustration are my favourite as these are the styles that I am usually used to with my own style of illustrations. The mounting of different images on one page is visually effective and makes me as the viewer to try identify a theme between them. I like the simplicity of the shapes and images through the use of line and tone.
In the colour examples I really like the repeat of key colours that is used as a colour theme throughout the piece of work.

Chrissy Lau

Zoe More OFarrall 

These illustrations are also my favourite. Again the repetition of different images on one piece of work is very effective and active. There almost looks like there is no structure but organised mess. However, you can see how carefully this artist placed the different images together by the spacing within the different images. I especially like the simple line illustrations and the lines being in reds blues instead of black. I also like the attention to detail in some of the line illustrations that really make the image more life like.
This artists also shows how she uses her style to brand a popcorn packet.


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