I Took these photographs of a upper class home Blackburn in a friends home who’s father worked as a farmer. This home was a subtle elite home with minimal fixtures and quite dated in terms of deco and household items. I especially thought that the farmers wells were quiet a symbolic expression of the upper social class.

The little’s Home- St Albans Middle Class

Here I was able to take a lot of photographs of this house in St Albans. A friend let me take photographs of their parents home who were two middle class people living on their own in St Albans. Their house had a lot of symbolic expressions of middle class taste but also some aspects were quiet upper class with items they had often been given as ‘ hand me downs.
I came across habitat cutleries that I found quiet interesting because they were treated as the ‘fine cutlery’ but they also had cutlery which was something they first ever bought as a married couple in the early 60’s and still held on to today. I also noticed branded coffee machines like Morphy Richards, blenders and microwaves with also the same brands. There were a lot of memorabilia from holidays and places around the world they had visited as well as brochures for exciting new destinations.


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