Through my research and going out to these locations to take photographs, and the research from my illustration project. I started to indentify a deeper classification of class by the things that people, where they eat, what brands they own and so on.
The images below are of my journal where I wrote and identified the sub categories in class.

The following categories I found are:  

Food/Dining Showing how people eat or what people eat in different classes. Dining experiences change in different locations and most restaurants and cafe mirror their deco and language depending on locations. For example when I went to Marco pierre I had to be on a waiting list for a couple of days and also the portions were smaller then If i had gone to Gastropubs or a cafe.

Cars- This category initially started when I watched the documentary Inside rolls royce & Boodles on channel4-http://www.channel4.com/programmes/inside-rolls-royce-and-boodles/4od

I also noticed a different in what people tend to like in working classes which were cars that were altered and costumed designed with pacific designs and customised with custom engines. Otherwise known as boy racer cars which was an documentary VICE covered.  ” Since the trend of young people modifying their “affordable” cars with go-faster stripes, neon under-lights and dump valves really took off in the 90s, the media and public have been wary of boy racers.”

Brands was something I thought of almost immediately when I started to think of sub categories of class. There is a lot of pacific brands to class. For example Boodles is known to be  upper class brand with very expensive diamonds and gems. Then there comes brands that are in the high-street but still apply to certain social classes. I found out more about brands when doing my illustration project

Homes – Styles, deco, furniture, look and the feel of homes was something I found different in different classes and thought it would be a good use of coding for classes. I noticed naturally the difference in living in different locations in the places I visited.

People – People is quiet a general  classification but as I realised I was taking photographs of people in these class location I also wanted a category to represent that.

Attire- I noticed a difference in what people wore in different classes especially the middle and upper.

When visiting Chelsea I noticed some men who wore quiet trendy clothing or suits. And in working class areas it was visible but not as common as places in Chelsea and south Kensington.

Language- As I visited these locations I noticed the difference in language in shops, shop names, advertisements, homes, ect. I started to take photographs of language that really showed a difference.

& Sports – Sports was the most common in Upper and working classes. Although sports can be a general interest to anyone regardless of class I was mainly focusing on the uniqueness of the sport that related to the class. For example horse racing and events that transpire from that like ascot and Polo.

I know there will be some room to learn more but for this project the main and the strongest are these.


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