Upper class Sports & Traditions

Critical Analysis:
Ascot horse racing is also another traditional british sport as well as Grand national. I visited ascot as the new horse racing season began and also because I knew it was known to be a upper class sport. It is also very interesting because a lot of aspirational people in the working class also come to these events. These photos showed mainly the premier members showing off their fancy fascinators, suits and smart dresses.
Here I captured people taking photographs with their peers and off each other, but I also captured people dining at ascot. When I looked at the prices of the menues to dine in meals started at £25. You could say it wasn’t your average price for a meal but because of this prestige event and also the sections of class you can expect to find this here.
Everyone was dressed for the occasion apart from the classes who weren’t in the premier sections. They were dressed more casually and you could see they were there to see a race and enjoy the atmosphere.
The same way that slightly upper and middle class people were also there to do the same thing- You can feel their motives for being there was slightly more higher because it was more of an event for them – a social event which showed off their class and their tastes.


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