Most of the inspirations for this part of the book was from again Grayson perry in the best possible taste and also the middle class handbook. http://www.middleclasshandbook.com
This handbook had very useful insight about middle class trends and tastes and went into excessive detail which really helped me. I also was able to get more insight by looking at design trends in John lewis with their recent pop up experiences for its consumers.

Middle class trends:

Mix match spoons- This was inspired by an advert for John lewis on mixing different types of cutlery and different types of coloured spoons. To inspire the middle class trend being retro and up to date with trends

Coffee machines- For the class thats most on the go and drinks espressos

Danish lamp shades-

The & brand- Found on middle-class handbook exploring all the brands that have an ‘&’ in them which most middle class people feel comfort in. This at first got me feeling quiet puzzled by it but doing further research I concluded how this is very true in brands like cole & mason Green & blacks.


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