For this part of the book I also analysed Grayson Perrys ‘In the best possible taste’ documentary on channel four. I also had help by taking to my tutor about the possible tastes in the upper class system. Also by doing further research I concluded That upper classes tend to have very traditional British sports that has been around for decades like polo and horse racing.

Along with these analysis came:

Women’s horse racing event hats – The statement of class and the identification of class it self. The more expensive and extravagant the better

Horse racing goggles-

Extremely fancy cars – Comes with the brands like Rolls Royce & Bentleys

Womens gloves – Made and fitted for the queen. Designer Cornelia James has had made gloves for the queen her self

Fox hunting – Also a very traditional British sport, the outfits are what really stand out amongst the rest

Horse seat saddles- These range from £1000- £2000 the most genuine leather build for strength and durability.

Upper class Trends & tastes


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