For this part of the book I started of by analysing Grayson Perrys ‘In the best possible taste’ documentary on channel four. In the first series he went into working class homes and locations and got to know the people in them. Here I was able to analyse this part of the documentary and make notes on the key elements that define a working class man or woman and their general tastes and what brands they buy into.

This was what I found from the documentary
Working class Trends & tastes

– Tattoos- (tribal) As a form of expression and freedom. You are in control of what you put on your body and it doesn’t mater if it comes across rude or too much to someone else.

– Fake tan –

– Shiny/ blingy- Showing a sense of wealth

-Classy/slutty – Borderline and balance between the two on a “night out”

-To the extreme -Its all or nothing

-Fake eye lashes – Added effects

-Boy racers

-Big hair

In conducting this research I then started to research into these things visually so I can turn these into illustrations. The images are shown below of the scans from the drawings I traced and made.
These images were all found on the internet on found image sites and dedicated websites.

After I scanned in these images I then brought it into illustrator and used live trace to refine the edges.


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