For the main photography part to my project as well as my final piece which will be in A0 I also wanted to create a book to show my photographs on its own.
For this I wanted to find as many examples and inspirations for themes and layouts before I attempted the book.

These examples are all from photography books modern and dated. I found great inspiration from them as a guideline for my own book. I wanted to find a simple layout but also keep on trend and keep my book modern.

These examples are of the image layout and intro layouts. Also ways of showing contents page. Examples by Paul Graham and David Bailey ( black and white memories)

I especially Like the grid of photographs of the landscapes. This style of grid and organisation is what my final outcome will be in so it would be appropriate to also use this technique in my book.

These page layouts were my the most dynamic throughout these books. There wasn’t a clear theme but all images were either very close to the gutter or full bleed. Some were going into the next page and only small details were lost. I really liked the way these pages grabbed my attention through minimal imagery and composition of images. The fact each page had a different character was what I also want to reflect in my own book.

Page Numbers 
photo 2-5 copy

photo 1-5 copy

I was inspired by the format of page numbers on this example above. I was something different as I have never seen many books with this kind of format for page number. the size of the font is also quiet small on the page and it is very minimal and doesn’t attract attention away from the images in the book.

Photography styles

Serge Mendzhiyskogo 

This artists work really inspired me to use the same techniques in my photography book with some of the images I took of sceneries and locations. This technique almost creates an illusion of the image where as some execute the importance of the subject within the image. This type of layering in photography is what I want to do with selective pages in my book.


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