As a part of this project I also wanted to create a website to show my photographs to my audience. I did this so my audience had another platform of digital media that they can access in their own time. Websites are the easiest way of getting your work out there digitally. I wanted to create an access and attention to this subject by creating a website.
In my website I also want show the categorise of class I found from my own research

I started to work on this website with this layout (as shown below) however, I found that it didn’t relate to a contempory look of a photographers website highlight imagery. As a result I started to look at websites that I thought looked more contemporary and visually highlighting the images which are my main intentions for this website.

These examples show where I found my inspiration for my final theme and layout for my website:

Tina Barney

This website shows a clear structure of information on the left and images on the right. The images are in order of projects. As my project is highlight one subject and is not a portfolio as this artists It will be different but however I can still use the same techniques in my own attempt.



At first I started off with making the website with three simple categorise of class. But after much thought I saw that it was best to use sub categorise as the same as my final outcome so that it would make more sense to my audience. Also I wanted to keep a continuation going in terms of coding and categories also in my website.

The categories are shown below with the rest of the info. Also showing my layout which was inspired by the websites I had looked at previously.
I found it quiet hard initially to make reference to the sub categories in class and how to lay them out on the website. But after some trails I figured out the best way to show them within limits from using sqaurespace.

Final Website link: http://www.alltheclassthings.com


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