My final outcome for my illustration book where I collated all the class things in the upper middle and working classes and made it into one book consisting of 90 pages. The sections are broken down into the three overall social classes and each page has illustrative examples of the ‘small’ things in individual social class.

I made this book in style of a catalogue type- with the images at the front with coding in numbers and letters then the key of the coding at the back expalining what it is. I also wanted to keep the theme of information organsiation in this illustartion book also.

The paper stock is Mat uncoated ( egg shell) with a softcover, image of colours in full, it is also 18 x 18 cm

I would change small aspects about the body copy in the book and how some pages are a little close to the gutter, but overall I am really pleased on how this book looks in terms of the colour, vibrancy, the illustrations it self, information and coding and  the paper quality.


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